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Garage Demolition

Starting new construction with garage demolition.

We are in the full swing of further upgrading the observatory, as you can see from the attached photos.  All of the old buildings that were out front have now been removed.  Our contractor is in the process of erecting our new reception/display/and gift shop foundations including the foundations for a new garage and a second classroom.  It’s an exciting time, but doesn’t look too pretty at the moment.  The total renovation began in 2014 and as funding was found, we have made steady progress to bring about a total renovation of what we inherited from Marshal Martz’ widow, Mary.  The trees out front have been removed and the area toward the road will be utilized for additional parking.
Our contractor is moving fast and is hoped the work will be completed in 6 to 8 weeks barring any unforeseen weather related problems.  I suspect there will be many people surprised to find the “best kept secrete in Chautauqua County” not so secrete anymore.
It’s a dream come true for us amateurs.  Many people are surprised, especially locals, by what the observatory has available for public education.



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Physicist Delivers Presentation

Physicist Mike Stafford speaks about the life cycle of stars at the Martz-Kohl Observatory on Wednesday evening during his presentation titled “The Birth and Death of Stars.” Read the entire article here.

Obs Speaker Mike Stafford PJ

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Martz-Kohl Observatory

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Observatory dome construction

Martz Dome and 24" Scope
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Kohl Dome Construction
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Photos using the 20″ and 5″ telescopes

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