As part of our mission, we want to inform, educate and inspire the general public and support teaching in the sciences of astronomy and physics.  To this end, we maintain a nicely heated classroom where we host schools, scouts, civic groups, exchange students, the general public and all others who come to the observatory.  Groups can use our contact form to obtain more information. Use our event calendar to learn about lectures by educators, scientists, astronomy & space professionals, as well as observatory members — which are open to the public.

Cub Scout Pack 677 – March 2019


Kennedy Temple School group



Cub Scouts visit the observatory

Thank you and your group for havung us.  We would like to come back when we can see the awesome stars.



Our classroom evolution

Some views of our old cramped classroom along with pictures of our current (heated!) larger classroom.  Much progress has been made with more to come…

classroom evolution

Original Meeting Room after the “media wall” was built.