Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at 7:30 PM EDT


The Earth in Motion

This lecture is live at the observatory and available online via Zoom. You are encouraged to come to the observatory to meet Mike and join in our always lively Q&A after his talk. Later, if the weather cooperates, we offer tours and viewing opportunities through the big telescopes.

Physics professor, Mike Stafford, will examine and explain the various motions the earth undergoes as it travels through space, including its interactions with the sun, the moon and the other planets. Also examined will be the motion of the Solar System through the galaxy and on and on… Along the way each motion will be looked at to explain why it happens and consider what consequences it may have. To do this, some understanding of the physics involved is needed. Those principles of physics, in a non-mathematical way, will be explained.

A handout with some written material and diagrams will be provided to visitors at the observatory and made available online for Zoom participants. Download PDFs: of presentation and associated images.

Mike Stafford, now semi-retired, taught at Penn State University full time and Gannon University as an adjunct for 37 years. His primary interest in physics is classical mechanics. Mike is a licensed airplane pilot with single and multi-engine land certification. He is also a licensed parachute rigger and expert skydiver with 3700 jumps- yikes! Mike says, “as a physicist, interested in everything, I am able to speak on any subject, sometimes coherently.”


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