25 years ago on the same ladder I proposed to my wife, Melody while she was 12 feet off the ground looking through the eyepiece of the Martz 30″ telescope looking at the Moon. I would not let her down till she gave me an answer and it was YES! The first person we saw to tell them was Mary Martz. Well now it’s 25 years later and tonight, July 28th after a nice dinner at Millers Grove we went to the Martz/Kohl Observatory and while she was looking at Mars through the Kohl 20″ telescope, only this time a little closer to the ground I asked her again for another 25years and the answer was YES! and she got a little bauble for the occasion. Where has all the time gone to? We are both so blessed to have each other and such a wonderful family and friends! God is good and has blessed us abundantly. So my love is my universe and it is awesome and I look forward to sharing it with my wonderful woman.

Tom Traub