Control Room

Control Room, looking from main classroom

What do the various devices do?

  1. Control computer. Communicates with the 24″ Telescope, Dome, Camera and Controlling Weather Station.  It is also our link for remote control of the telescope’s operation.
  2. Lunar Phases Calendar for 2022.
  3. Observatory landline phone: (716) 569-3689
  4. Local Weather Station display. Also allows internet access to conditions at the observatory.
  5. Fiber router, network switch, and wireless access point.
  6. Computer for remote operation of the 20″ telescope. Also used for night sky display, Zoom meetings, chatting, and is the backup computer for the 24″ control system.
  7. Letter from famed astronomer Harlow Shapley.
  8. All-Sky video camera display and astronomical object search computer.
  9. Picture of Clyde Tombaugh discoverer of Pluto with image taken by Martz 24″ Telescope.
  10. Color and Black-and-White Laser printers
  11. File server for storage and backup of images and other important files.

Not shown water system control, reference books, and software manuals.