Astronomy Surrounds Us

Astronomy surrounds us in books, magazines, movies, social media, and in various venues. This interesting and informative talk by long-time Martz-Kohl Observatory member, Phil Evans, was fun for all ages and levels of knowledge of astronomy. Phil walked and talked through time and history, stopping at key points along the way. Materials used in the talk did not seem astronomy related at first glance but referenced astronomy in interesting and often humorous ways. View the video to learn more about the mysterious star system, Wolf 359!

Phil Evans is a retired county government employee and veteran of the United States Army. He is a student of history and collects stamps, coins and historical related materials. As for astronomy, he enjoys reading about how astronomy has impacted earlier civilizations by the appearance of comets and unidentified flying objects. Although Phil owns a telescope, he often prefers to use binoculars. He says that perhaps his most rewarding astronomical event to date was witnessing the great meteor shower of November 2001.


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