Event at the observatory on October 21, 2023

International Observe the Moon Night is a worldwide public event that encourages observation, appreciation and understanding of our Moon and its connection to space science, exploration, and human culture. This annual event connects scientists, educators and lunar enthusiasts from around the world.

President, Corey Swanson, started out the event with a short history of the Martz-Kohl Observatory. Entertaining and educational talks and short videos were presented that covered topics such as Solar versus Lunar Eclipses, the optical illusion of Moon size, Native Americans understanding of the various full moons, the Moon’s origin, and more. Observatory tours were also offered.

There were a couple of door prizes for kids and young at heart. The NASA graphic novel, “First Woman” tells the tale of a fictional character – the first woman to ever explore the Moon. For younger children (4-8), a picture book telling the story of Artemis, NASA’s program to return people to the Moon, was offered.

NOTE: This event was not Zoom streamed. The video shown here is the “raw feed” from the evening. It is intended for observatory members, only. Please do not share the URL.


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