Meteors, Meteorites, Meteoroids
Oh My!


Meteors streaking through the sky are beautiful and mysterious. Have you ever wondered about the types, origins or compositions of meteors? Dr. Alexandra Yep explores their origins, appearances and compositions in this fun and informative presentation. She shares with us when we might next see a meteor, and where we might find meteorites.

Dr. Alexandra Yep is a poet turned astronomer. After earning her BFA in creative writing and classical studies, she dove straight into quantum mechanics on her way to a Ph.D. in astronomy. Now a professor at Agnes Scott University in Atlanta, Georgia, she researches stars and star clusters. Dr. Yep shared her research of The Gum Nebula and young stars as part of The Martz-Kohl Observatory Lecture Series in October, 2020. The observatory was honored to host her Ph.D. dissertation defense in July 2021. As part of her work, she discovered several star clusters in the Gum Nebula which are now known as Yep-1Yep-2 and Yep-3 and is only the second woman to have earned this naming honor.


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