A Practical Introduction to Astrophotography


Dave Wilkins presents the how-to basics of nightscape and wide field astrophotography. Astrophotography as a hobby can be done utilizing many types of cameras and telescopes set up in many varied locations. He discusses the how (the use of correct camera settings), where (dark location options), when (best times of the year) and what objects can be imaged with gear you might already have. Dave shows what can be done with a bit of persistence and patience.

Dave Wilkins, a member of the Martz-Kohl Observatory from Warren, PA, started his journey of mastering astrophotography about six years ago with very simple setups that evolved into more advanced gear and telescopes. His twenty-plus years of photography experience ranges from drone videos through landscapes and portraits. Dave continues to impress with his ability to produce beautiful scenes of the night sky and various celestial objects. He continues to hone his skills at extracting the most out of the images he takes.

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