Upgrading the Martz-Kohl Observatory & Achieving Diffraction Limited Resolution


Dan Gray is the founder of Sidereal Technology (https://www.siderealtechnology.com)–a cutting edge company focused on developing advanced telescope control systems. Dan Gray has been involved in astronomy, telescope optics and mechanics since the early 80s. Today, Dan continues to create and enhance hardware and software and install systems around the world.

Howard Banich is an avid amateur astronomer. He is a Contributing Editor for Sky & Telescope Magazine and has also had articles published in Amateur Astronomy Magazine and Amateur Telescope Making Journal. He is the proud designer and owner of several telescopes, including a 28 inch, f/4 altazimuth Newtonian.

This talk illustrates the most important upgrades being installed at the Martz-Kohl Observatory. Dan and Howard explain how the resolution (ability to resolve the finest details of distant objects in space) of an optical system such as a telescope or camera may be limited by atmospheric turbulence and other factors. Using the latest CCD cameras, taking many exposures, and processing with special software, astronomers at MKO will be able to approach the diffraction limit of their telescope optics and contribute to citizen science.


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