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Board member, Tom Traub, used the 5″ Takahashi refractor telescope to capture the total lunar eclipse of Full Blood Red Flower Super Moon on May 15, 2022. A super moon is when it’s within 90% of its closest point to Earth. The red color of a blood moon is caused by the diffusion of the sun’s light into the shadow cast by the Earth.

Upcoming presentations in the Observatory Lecture Series.

We encourage you to come to the observatory to meet our speakers either in-person or virtually on our high-resolution, conference screen and join in our always lively Q&A after presentations. Later, if the weather cooperates, we offer tours and viewing opportunities. Click on the image for more info. You can view past lectures in our video library.

Live at the observatory – July 20, 2022
Live at the observatory – August 17, 2022

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The Martz-Kohl Observatory is run by the Marshal Martz Memorial Astronomical Association Inc. a not-for-profit voluntary group of people interested in astronomy. The observatory is located in Frewsburg, New York in Chautauqua County, not far from Jamestown and Chautauqua Lake.