Marshal Martz Memorial Astronomical Assoc. Inc.

Mission Statement

The Marshal Martz Memorial Astronomical Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to the amateur astronomer. The emphasis of our association is observational astronomy, well-rooted in public education and enjoyment of the starry skies.

Our mission is to inform educate and inspire the general public and support teaching in the sciences of astronomy and physics.

Martz Observatory, in Frewsburg, NY is the base of operations for our organization and is key to our public education efforts. We are actively involved in renovation work at the observatory and welcome volunteer workers to speed up our observatory modernization progress.

Public nights are open for all to enjoy and find out what our organization is all about.


Research Class Night Sky Imaging

-Orion Nebula-

Starforming Nebula M42 (NGC 1976), an emission and reflection nebula, with Open Star Cluster

created with a Finger Lakes Imaging camera

Multiple color filters and recombined for true color image